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11.09.2012: Happy Birthday, TLC!

An idea that began in 1994 as a twinkle in Captain Morgan’s eye and was developed into a concept around a Bavarian farmhouse table, finally became reality with our registration as a Cambodian NGO, on September 11, 2007.

TLC was a beautiful baby and at times a troublesome toddler, but has now grown into an intelligent, capable and precocious school-age child.

As we enter our sixth year, we finally have the floating platforms (5 of them) that we envisaged at the outset – lack of funds meant that, until this year, clinics took place wherever we could find space: in schools, at the village chief’s house, under a tree in the courtyard of a pagoda.

TLC now treats thousands of adults and children each year - providing the basic healthcare that was so desperately needed by the people of the Tonle Sap.

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